Benefits of the Board Effectiveness Survey

The primary benefit of carrying out Board Benchmarking’s Board Effectiveness Survey is to improve the performance of your board and in so doing, improve your organisation’s performance.

There is a strong correlation between the performance of the board (or governing body) and the performance of that organisation.

Boards that carry out our best practice Board Effectiveness Survey demonstrate leadership by being committed to improving their performance as part of a continuous improvement program for the entire organisation.

Today’s business environment sees an increasing number of industry and government regulators mandating that boards review their effectiveness. Board Benchmarking offers boards the insight and advantage of an external, independent, quantitative and benchmarked review.

By carrying out a Board Effectiveness Survey, boards demonstrate commitment to good governance and accountability to their stakeholders.

Industry benchmarks

As well as having an overall benchmark for board effectiveness based on our unique WhatWhoHowDo™ Framework, we can customise them for each of the following:

  1. Public and private entities
    • Public (large and other)
    • Private (large and other)
  2. Government bodies and corporations
    • Federal
    • State
    • Local councils
  3. Not-for-Profits

In addition, some sector specific benchmarks based on special requests may be possible, such as: