About Board Benchmarking

Board Benchmarking has two world class surveys: a Board Effectiveness Survey and an Audit Committee Effectiveness Survey. Both are available globally via authorised distribution partners, which include: KPMG Australia, Insync Surveys, Oppeus, Westlake Consulting and Gerard Daniels.

Board Benchmarking has carried out over 100 board and audit committee surveys for organisations ranging from large public companies and government organisations to private companies, associations and not-for-profit entities.

Board Benchmarking’s surveys are powered by integrated benchmarked stakeholder survey specialists, Insync Surveys.

Feedback from clients include comments such as …”easy to complete” …”searching and comprehensive questions”… “focuses things quickly”.

The importance of benchmarking

The average responses of your board or committee to each of the survey statements are benchmarked against the self-assessed responses by other similar boards or committees in the Board Benchmarking database.

Each survey statement is responded to by directors or committee members on a one to seven scale, where one equals strongly disagree, through to seven, which equals strongly agree.

Survey statements with an average response of 5.5 can have a benchmark ranking within our database as high as 89 (i.e. a very high ranking compared to other boards or committees) or as low as 15 (i.e. a very low ranking compared with other boards or committees). Accordingly, we advise that an average response of 5.5, for example, is not necessarily good or bad, as it depends on the survey statement being considered. This is why we say a ranking in respect of a survey statement is far more important and insightful than the average numerical response.